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View of the Damariscotta Lake in Summer

2018 Annuals Available Online!

The 2018 Kieve and Wavus Annuals are now available online!  Read through Trip and OD Reports to relive all the memories, highlights, and challenges conquered in Summer 2018! These Annuals join the Kieve-Wavus Education Collection available through

2018 Kieve and Wavus Annuals


KieveWavus adventure image KieveWavus adventure image KieveWavus adventure image

Kieve (kee-ave') is a Celtic verb which means to strive in emulation of – to work hard to acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes from others so as to improve yourself. Wavus (wah-vus) was a revered legendary chief, who with his people inhabited the Point long ago.

KIEVE-WAVUS EDUCATION MISSION STATEMENT: Kieve-Wavus Education empowers people to contribute positively to society by promoting the values of kindness, respect for others, and environmental stewardship through year-round experiential programs, camps for youth and adults, and guidance from inspirational role models.

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