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Damariscotta Lake Preservation and Endowment Fund

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Giving Back to our Cherished Lake

Damariscotta Lake is the centerpiece of Kieve-Wavus, the magical playground that inspires us, heals us, and gives us opportunities to grow.  On its shores and in its bright blue depths our most treasured moments are born and our most incredible experiences shared.  For nearly 100 years now it has graced our camps, and embedded in our hearts, it has shaped and enriched our daily lives. 

As we look forward to the next one hundred years at Kieve-Wavus, we are giving back to the lake, to insure its health, the crystal clarity of its water and the habitat it provides to native wildlife.   We’ve always taken an active role in caring for our precious lake, but we believe it’s time to accelerate our efforts while building a reserve to support its health in the future.  

Our big news is that we have created the Damariscotta Lake Stewardship Endowment Fund in partnership with Midcoast Conservancy to insure the health of the lake for future generations.  As a forward-looking expression of gratitude for the gift of Damariscotta Lake and its central role in the KWE experience, a donor kicked off the Endowment through a generous $50,000 donation and our goal is to raise $250,000 this year. Over time, the earnings from the Endowment will insure the implementation of erosion control strategies and support our on-going Hydrilla mitigation efforts. To make a gift to the Lake Endowment Fund, please go to the "Support Us" tab at, send a check, or contact our development office for a pledge form at 207.563.5172.